Chiller Or Boiler Breakdown? Keep Your Cool (Or Heat), Rentals Are Available

In a perfect world, your chillers and boilers would hum along perfectly, never breaking down or aging. But this, of course, is an imperfect world, and these important units do, on occasion, fail. In some businesses, you may be able to work around a boiler or a chiller being down. Employees, for example, might just have to slave away under less than ideal conditions for a few days or -- in some cases -- they may be able to work remotely from home. But in some businesses, having working chillers and boilers is a necessity. Data centers and server rooms, for instance, need to stay cool. So what are your options in the event your boiler or chiller has broken down and your business requires these units?  

Renting is an Option

In some instances when a chiller or boiler breaks down, repairs may take a lengthy period of time for diagnosis and for parts to be ordered and installed. For those times, you may need to look into renting a unit, which can then act as a temporary bandage until your own boiler or chiller can be repaired. Rentals are also a good option if you discover that your unit is not repairable and you don't currently have the funds in your budget for a new unit, which can be extremely costly. 

And if your business has temporary peak periods, you may also want to consider renting a temporary boiler or a chiller to help your facility through those times when demand is higher and your units are at maximum output. 

Boiler Rentals

Boilers are typically very large units, so it may surprise you to discover that they are available for rent in a variety of different styles. For example, boiler rental companies usually carry water tube and fire tube boilers. These units may be delivered to you on a skid, mounted on a trailer or, in some cases, they may even arrive to your site housed in a fully enclosed mobile boiler room. So if your boiler should break down in the middle of winter, you won't have to shut your business down until it can be fixed or until you can afford to purchase a new one. A rental is also an option if you should need to shut your unit down for its regularly scheduled maintenance. 

Chiller Rentals

If your chiller should fail, you won't just have unhappy, sweaty employees. You'll also have to contend with unhappy servers and computer equipment. That is why it's so important to find a solution to your building's cooling situation as soon as possible. Fortunately, rental chillers and air handlers are available in sizes that range from small units that can cool a compact area to ones that are 500-ton plants, possible even larger. Some rental operations also have cooling towers available to help you with your condenser/process water requirements. 

Portable units are often available in both air-cooled and water-cooled designs. These portable units are typically mounted on a trailer so that they can be easily delivered and picked up from your facility. When choosing a chiller rental, one consideration you will need to factor in is that a water-cooled chiller plant requires only about half of the electrical power that an air-cooled rental uses.

The Invisible Systems

When chillers and boilers are humming along, it's easy to forget about them. In fact, they may seem almost invisible. But when they go down, everyone quickly realizes how difficult it can be to function in the workplace without them. Fortunately, rental units can help you and your business to return back to all of your normal activities until your own units can be repaired or replaced. 

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