3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Factory's Air Chiller

As the manager of your company's plant, keeping your factor's air chiller online and working effectively is an important part of your job. If your air chiller is not working properly, it can quickly increase the overall operating costs through an ineffective use of energy. Here are three tips that will help you keep your air chiller in your factor well maintained and working efficiently.

#1 Decrease The Condenser Water Temperature

The first thing you should do is lower the temperature of the water that flows into the condenser on your chiller. This is a really way to increase the efficiency of your chiller. It allows your chiller to exert less effort to cool off the water once it is inside of your condenser and helps cool everything off at a faster rate. Check your owner's manual to discover what is the lowest temperature you can set the water to for your particular chiller.

#2 Adjust The Water Flow Rate

Second, examine the rate that the chilled water is flowing into your machine. If the water flow rate is too low per second, this will cause laminar flow issues and will result in your chiller not working as effectively as possible. If the rate is too high, it can cause your chiller to vibrate and create a higher level of noise than necessary. It can also lead to the tubes inside of your air chiller to erode at a faster rate. Check your owner's manual and figure out the optimal flow rate, and adjust your flow rate accordingly.

Finding and maintaining the right water flow rate should increase the efficiency and reduce the wear to your air chiller.

#3 Treat Your Water

Third, you should make sure that all the water that you are using inside of the condenser has been treated. You need to make sure that you use a water treatment system that will get rid of corrosion elements in the water, biological growth as well as scale. All of these things can be introduced into the water if your system using an open cooling source. When these elements are present in the water, it can mess up the heat transfer within your system and can lead to additional wear and tear on your tubes and pipes within your air chiller. Make sure that you use a treatment system for the water and test the water at least once a year to ensure that your treatment system is removing all the impurities that are present from the water.

Taking the three steps above should help increase the overall efficiency of your air chiller and should help prevent unnecessary maintenance issues from developing as well. 

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