Plastic Injection Molding Can Be An Important Part Of Your Manufaturing Process

 If you need to have a custom piece of plastic for a product you manufacture, there are various options available to you. One of those options is plastic injection molding. 

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding starts with a hopper full of small plastic pellets. When the button is pressed for the piece to be made, a specific amount of pellets is released. They get heated up and then injected into the mold. After the plastic cools momentarily, it's ejected from the mold and the process can start all over again. There are different kinds of plastics that can be used in the molding process, including the choice to use recycled plastic. You also have the choice to use various colors, so if you need to use a proprietary color, you have the choice to do that. 

Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

There are a lot of benefits to using injection molding for your custom pieces, outside of the fact that the company can create a mold that is specific to your needs. One is the fact that plastic injection molding is fairly quick. The mold you use may be able to create multiple pieces at a time, depending on how many injectors the machine being used has. Even if the machine only has one injector and can only make one piece at a time, the process usually goes quick enough that hundreds of pieces, or more, can be made every day. Another benefit is that using plastic injection molding to make the pieces you need is generally fairly inexpensive. That's because the expensive part of the process would be having a custom mold created. Once that's been done, each piece that's made starts to reduce the cost of the mold, especially since each piece goes into the rest of the product to be created. 

Disadvantages of Plastic Injection Molding

You do have to have a special machine to do this process. That means that you either work with a company that has injection molding machines or you buy the machines to use in your own factory. The machines themselves aren't that difficult to run, but they do need to be properly maintained to make sure that they continue to run well, so you will either need to have an employee trained to maintain the machine or hire a contractor to come and check it. 

Plastic injection molding can help you manufacture your products because you can have custom pieces made for your product. Contact a company like Accurate Products Inc. to learn more.

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