3 Easy Ways To Ward Off Dumpster-Related Accidents On The Job Site

Whether you are a contractor working on a small remodeling job or you own a construction business, having access to dumpster rentals is one of those things that makes your business endeavors a much easier feat. Trash is a big part of most construction-related projects and having somewhere to put all that stuff is important. Unfortunately, having a dumpster on site at a job also means you are creating an extra level of concern when it comes to keeping your employees safe and anyone else around the dumpster safe. Check out these three easy ways to prevent accidents and injuries around a rented dumpster on the job site. 

Keep the area around your rented worksite dumpster clutter-free.

One of the biggest threats that comes from having a dumpster on the property is the fact that trips and falls can be a bigger problem around these waste receptacles. However, the problem is not with the dumpster itself; it is with the tendency for trash and clutter to accumulate around the dumpster that can cause trips and falls. Make an effort to keep the area surrounding the dumpster free from trash and clutter by picking up any dropped debris immediately, not placing materials in the dumpster that will just fall out, and having the dumpster emptied before it starts to overflow. 

Keep a lock on the dumpster so it can be secured at the end of the workday. 

The last thing you want to do is leave a dumpster open in a public place or even on a customer's private property without keeping it rightly protected. If a small child where to get around the dumpster and try to climb inside, they could get injured. If an adult decides they want to rummage through the contents of the job-site dumpster, they could be injured as well. Therefore, it is best to keep the dumpster lid closed and locked when you go home for the day so no one can get into it and get themselves injured. 

Keep the dumpster situated on a stable surface. 

The dumpster will be one of those spots on a job site where employees will be headed with armloads of trash and waste on a regular basis. Make sure that the dumpster is situated in an area that offers stable footing by having it placed on a solid surface, such as a concrete walkway or paved area. If the dumpster is situated on soft ground, it is more likely that a trip or fall could happen. 

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