Are You Looking To Buy Column Protectors? Factors You Should Consider Before Making A Purchase

Column protectors are one of the best ways to protect your pallet racking. These protectors are placed at the base of the rack. Not only do they help to stabilize and hold the rack in place, but they also offer protection against people hitting the rack with a forklift. If you are in the market for column protectors, it is important to realize that not every protector is the same. Knowing what differentiates them can help you decide what you need to look at when you are buying them. Here are a few of the factors to consider when you are looking to buy column protectors for your pallet racking. 

What Material the Column Protector Is Made From

One of the most important factors to consider as you shop for column protectors is what material the protector is made from. The majority of column protectors on the market today are made from either plastic, metal, rubber or a foam material. There are pros and cons to each type of material. For example, plastic is cheap but it breaks easily. Rubber offers a good deal of protection, but it can deteriorate in certain elements. Metal offers a good deal of protection but can be damaging the to the forklift. Weighing the pros and cons of various materials will help you determine which is right for your warehouse. 

The Size of the Column Protector

Another factor to consider when you are shopping for a column protector is the size of the column protector. The size refers to the height of the protector, determining how far up from the ground the protector covers. Most are available in 12, 18, 24, and 36 inch options. The higher up the protector goes, the more of the pallet rack it covers. However, the higher up it goes, the longer it takes to install and the more costly it is. 

How the Column Protector Is Installed

The last factor you need to consider when buying pallet racking is how the column protector is installed. Some column protectors simply snap on the pallet racking. Others need to be screwed into place. Those that screw into place are less likely to fall off if they are hit, but it can be time consuming to screw column protectors into place on every pallet racking you have. Only you can decide if the time it takes to install them is worth the benefit. 

Knowing what factors to consider as you shop for column protectors will help you find column protectors that offer the best coverage, meet your needs and match your budget. Check out sites like for more information.

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