The Dangers Of Not Cleaning Your Company's Lift Station

Many business owners pay no attention to the lift station servicing their commercial property. It's not until this lift station malfunctions that it becomes an issue. Your lift station is responsible for collecting waste from the drains and appliances within your property and then pumping this waste into municipal sewer lines for disposal.

Failing to properly clean your lift station on a regular basis could be disastrous. Here are three reasons why you should make it a point to invest in routine lift station cleaning in the future:

1. Trash buildup can damage your pump.

In order for your lift station to function properly, the pump that pushes waste through the lift station and into municipal sewer lines must be working efficiently. Trash and other debris can find its way into your lift station. This debris can accumulate on the floor of your lift station where it can build up until it comes into contact with your pump.

Debris has the potential to damage the delicate mechanical components of your pump, rendering the pump inoperable. Regular cleaning ensures that trash buildup will not compromise the function of your lift station pump in the future.

2. Grease buildup can compromise your lift station.

Grease can find its way down many of the drains in your commercial property. Whether this grease is from cooking activities or production equipment, it can wreak havoc on the function of your lift station. The pump responsible for eliminating waste from the lift station is activated by a float.

When too much grease accumulates within the lift station, the float cannot function properly. Your float may fail to send a shut-off signal to the pump when the float is caked in grease. This will result in the pump running dry, potentially burning out the motor of the pump and compromising the functionality of your lift station.

3. Neglect can allow minor problems to escalate.

Another important reason why you should invest in the regular cleaning of your company's lift station is that these cleanings provide you with the opportunity to inspect your lift station for signs of damage.

Spotting problems, while they are still relatively minor, allows you to make the necessary repairs affordably and without having the lift station be out of operation for long periods of time.

Once you are able to recognize some of the problems you could face if you fail to maintain your company's lift station, it becomes easy to see why regular cleaning should be a priority when caring for your lift station in the future.

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