Parking Lot Security Options

If your company's building is in a busy city, it can be tempting for anyone to pop in and park or walk through the area. To stop this and secure the lot for clients and workers, exploring these security options is helpful.

Simple Arm

A wooden arm could be the easiest way to affect those who may travel inside the lot. This is especially so if your lot only has one exit and entrance and there are high city curbs on the rest of the lot. Security personnel, a keypad or a passcard can accompany this arm so that it only functions for people you have allowed access. A wooden arm is generally among the most affordable solutions.

Vinyl, Aluminum or Wood Gate

Gates are wise if you'd like to surround the entire company lot and control foot traffic. One side can retract to permit entry via intercom, passcard, keypad or security personnel. Either aluminum or vinyl are materials which are easy to maintain, and this can be a good option if you're interested in doing what's necessary to preserve employee and client privacy. For utmost privacy, wood slab gating is possible.

Stainless Steel Bollards

Thick, steel cylinders sticking up from the concrete or asphalt are called bollards. These structures are usually about waist level high and are often placed in row formation on a lot. They allow anyone to see clearly over and between them, which helps your lot retain an open feeling. Steel is sometimes more expensive than a wood arm or vinyl for a gate but can be arguably stronger and more durable throughout time. In fact, bollards are often strong enough to block vehicles that may be out of control, so they are also effective for placement in front of open walkways or the path leading into the building. They could provide protection for anyone walking toward building doors.


For visual reasons or to save money, putting a gate all around the parking lot may not be desirable. Luckily, a gate-bollard combination can help you achieve your goals. The gate portion can still have a keypad or security booth, but the other three sides of the lot can have steel bollards. You can also do swing-arm and bollard combos or gate and swing-arm combinations as well. Discussing these possibilities with your contractors and others you trust can ensure that your decisions are wisely made.

Parking lots are necessary for conducting business; securing yours is important. Consider these measures for your lot and determine which is financially and visually most appropriate. For more information, contact a business such as Traffic Protectors.

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