Improving Efficiency With A 3 O'clock Welder

Welding plays a critical role in the completion of most industrial and manufacturing processes. Simple and straightforward welds are not difficult to manage, but welding the materials used to create cylindrical metal tanks can pose a challenge.

Manufacturing metal tanks takes time, but having the right welding equipment can help streamline the process. Investing in a 3 o'clock welder could help you boost your production plant's efficiency.

A 3 o'clock welder can complete vertical welds.

One of the most challenging aspects of building a cylindrical metal tank is joining the metal panels that make up the sides of the tank to one another. Since these metal panels are aligned vertically, you must be able to complete vertical welds.

Using traditional welding equipment doesn't allow you the flexibility needed to work on vertical surfaces, as these welding machines are made to complete horizontal welds. A 3 o'clock welder is designed specifically for vertical welding, making it easier to create solid weld joints in a fraction of the time.

A 3 o'clock welder can be automated.

Controlling weld speeds is essential when it comes to the strength and integrity of your finished cylindrical tanks. If a welder moves too slow, the welded joints will be sloppy. If a welder moves too quickly, the welded joints might not be able to withstand the hydrostatic pressure inside the tank once it has been filled.

Making the choice to invest in a 3 o'clock welder for your production plant helps to ensure proper pacing. A 3 o'clock welder can be automated so that it self-propels at a set pace. This allows a welder to focus on creating solid and structurally sound weld seams instead of worrying about pacing.

A 3 o'clock welder allows for double-sided welding.

Many of the joints created when a cylindrical metal tank is assembled must be welded from both the interior and the exterior. If you are using traditional welding equipment to complete these welds, your workers will take twice as long to build each tank.

A 3 o'clock welder features a design that allows the welder to lower a platform onto either side of the metal tank panels at any given time. This feature allows welders to complete both the interior and exterior welds at the same time, reducing production times and ensuring your manufacturing plant is operating with maximum efficiency.

Recognizing the benefits that a 3 o'clock welder can provide will help you see why you should invest in the installation of one of these specialized machines in your production plant.

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