Forklift Keeps Overheating? Service The Radiator And Other Parts

Your forklifts play an invaluable role in the success of your plant or factory. If one of your forklifts overheats repeatedly, it could interfere with your company's success and production. Overheating forklifts are also dangerous, especially if the equipment or its parts catch fire. Learn why your forklift overheats and how you can cool it down.

Why Does Your Forklift Get Too Hot?

Like most industrial equipment, your forklift works hard to get your jobs done. The constant stress placed on your equipment can wear it down over time. Your forklift's radiator can also wear down from excessive usage. If the radiator goes bad from overuse, it can leak and overheat. 

In addition, dirt can collect inside the radiator's parts and clog it up. The radiator may struggle to keep up with the daily demands placed on it. An overheating forklift and its wires can eventually become hot enough to catch fire. If you work in an industry surrounded by combustible chemicals and other products, it can be dangerous as well as expensive. To prevent these unsettling problems and keep your business on track, cool down your forklift.

What Can You Do to Cool Down Your Forklift?

It's important to have a forklift repair technician examine your equipment as soon as possible. If the forklift's radiator is dirty, a technician may be able to clean it for you. If the equipment's radiator is damaged, a technician may repair it. If the lift's radiator is beyond repair, a technician may replace it with a newer model. 

A technician will also check other parts inside the forklift for issues. Sometimes, small parts can wear down from excessive use and cause equipment to overheat. For example, the lift's thermostat may be too damaged to monitor or regulate the equipment's internal temperature. The engine's coolant and hoses may cause the lift to become excessively hot if they're too dirty or worn down.  If your forklift requires additional servicing, such as a battery change or tune-up, a technician will discuss these matters with you.

Forklifts require routine maintenance to keep them safe in and out of the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that you check your forklifts daily or after every shift, especially if you use your equipment round-the-clock. If you're uncertain about how to maintenance your lifts, consult with a technician soon.

Keep your overheating forklift safe by contacting a repair technician today, such as from RDS Equipment, Inc.

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