Installing Pallet Racks For Your Warehouse Or Loading Dock

One of the best ways to increase the storage space in your warehouse or on your loading dock is to install pallet racks that can be used to store goods vertically, increasing the storage capacity in the same amount of space. Pallet racks are constructed of steel and maybe two, three, or even four tiers high, making them a great solution restoring your goods.

Evaluate Your Space

The first step when installing pallet racks in your space is to evaluate the area and determine what the best spot for them is. Remember, these racks will be loaded and unloaded using forklifts, so they need to be installed in an area that is easily accessible for these machines. If you are not sure how much space is required, you can place a pallet against the wall where the rack will go and see if a forklift can easily maneuver in the area and pick up the pallet. If the forklift cannot reach the pallet without hitting other objects or without excessive maneuvering, you probably want to pick another space for your rack.

Another concern is overhead lighting, pipes, and electrical lines. As you load the upper tier of the rack, obstacles up high could become a problem. The operator may not be able to see them from the floor, so it may be better to place a rack away from obstacles overhead.

 Installing Your Pallet Racks 

Installing the pallet racks in your warehouse or on your loading dock is an enormous job. It requires drilling holes in the concrete, placing anchors, and bolting the racks to the floor. Most racks come unassembled, so you will need to work from the floor to the upper tiers of the rack, putting them together piece-by-piece. For many companies, hiring a professional installer to come and assemble the shelves is a better option. Some companies that sell pallet racks and other dock or warehouse equipment offer installation of the products. They will bring the tools and equipment needed to do the job and an experienced crew to get your racks securely where you need them.

Often these companies will come out before installing your racks to look over the space and discuss the location with you. This can be a massive help if you have had trouble determining the positioning of the racks. Keep in mind, while the positioning of the rack needs to be safe and convenient, you may find the after storing palletized products on the shelf, you have more floor space, making it easier to maneuver around the area. 

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