Three Things You Should Know Before Your Business Rents A Forklift For The First Time

If you have a need for a forklift on occasion or perhaps at a certain time of the month for a large scheduled delivery, then you are not likely to buy one. Renting a forklift is going to be a smart choice. However, if you have never rented a forklift before, then there are a few things you need to know.

The rental company can assist you in the proper selection

Since this is your first rental, it is best to give as much information as you can about the work that will be done with the forklift. A rental company will have a variety of forklifts available, and they will be better able to find the right equipment for the job you are doing. The weight of the loads will be critical in the selection of the right equipment. Whether the work will be done indoors or outdoors is essential because indoor work, such as that in a warehouse, will require an electric forklift due to the dangers of the exhaust of a forklift with a combustion engine.

You will need to fill out and provide paperwork

It's good to find the machine that is perfect for the job you need done, but there is paperwork involved before you are allowed to use any forklift. Much of the paperwork revolves around state laws and what is required of a renter. Other rules are specific to the company you are renting from. Because forklifts are expensive and are often rented for long periods of time, you will need to fill out a credit application. In addition, you will need to have insurance to cover the forklift. It is your responsibility to take care of the equipment. You will need to provide a certificate of insurance from your insurance company.

You need to understand the rental charges

It is not simply a matter of renting a forklift. Of course, there is a charge for this, but there will also be a charge for gasoline or diesel fuel, depending upon the forklift's engine. If you are renting an electric forklift, you will likely need to rent a battery charger too. Also, there will be a charge for delivering and picking up the forklift. You should understand the total charges for renting the forklift for the period of time you will need it.

Speak to the rental company about the model that is best for your application. Make sure you understand all of the charges that will apply to the rental, and then begin to gather all of the needed paperwork. You may also want to open an account if you will need a forklift on a regular basis. This will make the rental process easier in the future. 

Call a forklift rental company to get more information.

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