The Variety Of Uses Of Folding Carton Gluers In Your Factory

Shipping cartons serve an important purpose in today's manufacturing. When your factory creates these cartons, you may need to meet tight deadlines and create high-quality carton products for your customers. Rather than hire manpower to put together these containers manually, you can save time and money by investing in industrial folding carton gluers. Industrial folding carton gluers carry out several critical functions in your factory.

Bending and Folding

Materials like cardboard and heavy paper take muscle power to bend and fold. If you were to hire people for these jobs, you may only be able to put out a small number of cartons each day. The workers may lack the hand, arm, and wrist strength to fold and bend thick materials to make these containers quickly.

Rather than risk productivity or speed, you can buy machines that bend and fold heavy construction paper, cardboard, plastic, and other materials used to make shipping or mailing containers. The machines work quickly to create dozens of cartons each minute. They also are built to shape cartons easily without breaking down or stalling because of the thickness or durability of the materials.

Gluing Cartons

Shaping the cartons is only one of the tasks that you need to handle when making them. You also need to ensure that they are glued and sealed so that they can contain the materials shipped inside of them. 

Gluing the cartons takes precision and speed that human workers may lack. The industrial folding carton gluers can be programmed to apply adhesive in any location on cartons. They can glue the bottom, sides, or tops to ensure that the containers are strong and capable of holding their contents and not collapsing or breaking.

They can also be programmed to apply industrial adhesive that might be unsafe for human workers to handle. The wet glue might be so strong that it can damage or tear human skin. Rather than risk the safety of your factory workers, you can instead hand the task of gluing cartons off to machines designed for this task.

Folding carton gluers serve critical roles in factories like yours. They are capable of folding, shaping, and bending cartons made from the thickest and strongest of materials like cardboard. They can also apply strong industrial adhesive to any location on the cartons that it manufactures. They spare you from having to hire manpower for making shipping containers for clients.  

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