Using Horizontal Surface Laminate In The Remodeling Of Your Home

When you remodel your home, you want the end results to last for years and give you reliable function and a good appearance. To ensure that key fixtures like your cabinets, doors, and counters do not fade or crack, you need to cover them in a material that will protect them. Rather than paint the surfaces of these fixtures, you can safeguard these fixtures' appearance and value by using laminate on them. These fixtures are some for which you can use horizontal surface laminate in your home remodel.

Cabinet Faces

Horizontal surface laminate products are often used to protect the function and appearance of cabinet faces in homes. The faces of cabinets can suffer expensive damages because of routine wear and tear. They can develop gouges, scratches, dents, and stains from being handled repeatedly.

Rather than repair these damages often, you can prevent them by using horizontal surface laminate to finish them. After you sand or stain them, you can finish them with a glossy laminate that not only will make them look better. The laminate will also protect the faces of your cabinets from dents, dings, and other damages through the years.


Counters in your bathroom and kitchen likewise encounter frequent use each day. If they are not finished in a protective laminate, they can develop damages like fading, burn marks from hot pans or curling irons, stains from food and beverages, and dents. You then must either buff and sand out the damages or replace the damaged section of the counter.

Rather than undertake frequent and expensive repairs of your counters, you can protect them now with laminate. After you install them in your home remodel, you can paint them with a laminate designed for counter materials like granite and wood. You get counters that will last for years and resist costly damages.


Horizontal surface laminate products can also be used on doors in your home. It makes your door more resistant to weather elements like humidity and sunlight. The material that your door is made from will not warp, fade, or blister because of its constant exposure to the weather.

You can protect a number of critical fixtures in your home with horizontal surface laminate products. This protective seal helps counters, doors, and cabinets, among others, resist damages that can be costly to repair. Horizontal surface laminate makes these fixtures look better and last longer.

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