The Benefits Of Diamond Tooling For Metal And Other Hard Materials

Tool durability can be a problem when working with materials like titanium or other hard metals that need milling, cutting, or turning. Often the solution is to consider diamond tooling to work with the material efficiently while still retaining the integrity of the tooling. 

Diamond Tooling 

Tooling that needs to stand up to hard materials can not always be made from the same or harder materials because the tooling would become too brittle to use in many machines. An end mill that is brittle would break before cutting through the metal you are trying to mill down, but using tool steel for the cutting bit and adding synthetic diamond chips to the cutters can increase the tool's effectiveness. 

The diamond tooling is often used for specific materials, and while it will work on mild steel or even softer materials, it is unnecessary in that situation. There are diamond cutters and blades used on softer materials, but this is often done to reduce blade wear and limit the number of changes required to increase production with the cutter or blade. 

Creating Diamond Tooling

The process used to create most of the diamond tooling or blades on the market is a system of welding and pressure that mixes steel powder with synthetic diamond chips. The mixture is then put on the tool and heated to allow the steel to flow, essentially sintering the diamond and steel powder to the tool. 

In many cases, pressure is used to compress the steel and diamond crystals and ensure that they bond correctly to the base material. This is the most effective way to hold the diamond material on the tooling. While some companies use special techniques unique to their brand, the process is similar no matter which company is creating the diamond tooling.

Cost Of Diamond Tooling

When you are considering diamond tooling for your shop, it is essential to get high-quality tools. The cost can be significantly higher the better the quality tools you are considering. Properly made diamond tooling will last longer and offset the price, but you should talk to the supplier about the differences in the tools they sell. 

Most diamond tooling is made with synthetic diamond chips to keep the cost down, but there are also tools available made with natural diamonds if you want them. The cost of these tools makes them impractical for home shops or even some small businesses but is more often found in large production shops that need to keep machines working and limit the number of tooling changes.

For more information about diamond tooling, contact a local manufacturer, like National Diamond Tool and Coating.

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