Keys To Using Metric Lock Nuts In Projects

If you need a metric fastener that can withstand vibrations and potentially torque, a lock nut is a solid investment. Lock nuts will stay in place because of their stiff design. If you want to have success using this metric fastener variety in projects, take this advice to heart.

Make Sure the Right End Is Placed on Bolt First

If you have metric lock nuts that have to be placed a certain way, then you need to see exactly which end needs to go on the end of the bolt first. Then you'll have an easier time driving the nut until it's fully secure on the bolt.

Some manufacturers will mark the ends that are supposed to go first and then other times, you'll just have to try out both sides until you find an option that moves down the bolt properly. Doing this by hand can keep you from damaging the metric lock nut. 

Hand-Tighten the Nut First

Before you use a tool to secure a metric lock nut on a bolt, it's a good idea to first tighten it by hand. That's going to give you more control over the overall tightness of the nut. Once the nut is firmly on the bolt, you can use the appropriate fastener tool that's calibrated just right.

These measures are going to keep you from tightening the metric lock nut too much to where it gets damaged. It can happen if you aren't able to gauge nut tightness properly early in the beginning.

Use a Torque Wrench for Precision Adjustments 

If you want to be precise with how tight you secure a metric lock nut to a bolt, then the device you'll want to use is a torque wrench. It lets you apply a specific amount of torque to the nut, which is going to keep it in good condition and help you achieve the right fastening results with this material.

You'll just need to review the ideal torque rating of the lock nut you purchased, which should be identified by the manufacturer that made it. Then with every turn, you know the metric lock nut is being adjusted properly.

Putting metric lock nuts on the end of bolts is sometimes necessary when vibration is a possibility, which will happen with equipment and materials that move. If you work with these metric fasteners correctly, they'll do their job perfectly and hold up. 

Contact a local metric fastener supplier to learn more.

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