New Action Figure Products: 3 Things To Look For In Plastic Prototypes

Action figures have been around for multiple generations. Not only do modern figures appeal to children, but collectors love to display the figures as well. When you decide to design a new action figure product for the masses, you want to start off with a prototype design.

A plastic prototype will allow you to see the look and feel of the toy in person before you go to mass production. Check out some of the elements to consider when you have the plastic prototype in hand. Each element will help ensure your product offer high-quality manufacturing and success when sold to the market.

1. Playability

When you receive the plastic parts, ensure you piece the whole action figure together to see what the design will look like out of the package. Even without all the paint applications, you will get a good idea of the figure's playability. You will want to move the joints around, set the action figure up in different positions, and ensure everything moves correctly.

You want to make sure the legs and arms on the action figure are not too loose. You also want to make sure the joints aren't too stiff so the figure cannot move at all. Place the figure in different seating positions. Also, check the figure's accessories to see if they fit in the hands correctly.

When you work with a plastic part manufacturing company, you can easily make subtle changes and test out another prototype before you go into full-scale production.

2. Freestanding Options

Children and adult collectors may want to display their action figures. Once out of the package, check to see if an action figure will stand on its own. If the figure is too top-heavy and doesn't stay balanced, then you may want to include a figure base with the toy. A figure base includes a plastic piece with a small peg that the figure's leg can insert into.

Ensure the peg fits into a foot hole correctly and the figure remains stable. The base can make a big difference for collectors and create an ideal way to set up figures in different poses. The plastic base piece could also include extra design elements like your company name or the name of the action figure.

3. The Little Details

A prototype allows you to see the little details of an action figure. For example, a plastic mold may include molded shoes with laces and designs on the side. When you hold the prototype in your hands, you can see the little details and ensure everything came out correctly. You wouldn't want letters or symbols to appear backward and create an error on the figure.

Work with a custom plastic parts manufacturing plant to create your prototype and see your action figure come to life for the first time.

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